Our One Strike Policy

All event managers submit post-event feedback. If there are any reports of inappropriate behavior or rudeness, that person is removed from our lists and groups and banned from future events. That includes behavior that occurs outside of our events in person or online.  We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. This policy is enforced across the board and not specific to one gender. If you feel someone has behaved in a way that is inappropriate, please contact us with all pertinent details.

Our Refund Policy

All registrations are final.  Full refunds are only provided if an event is canceled, except in cases of weather-related cancellations.  In cases where an event is cancelled due to weather, a credit code equal to the value of original registration as well as an additional courtesy credit of $10 will be provided to all registrants.

We inform registrants of cancellations approximately 24 hrs in advance via email and text if number is provided.

If a registrant accepts a credit in lieu of a refund, they are provided a credit equal to the value of their original registration plus an additional courtesy credit of $10 for agreeing to transfer to another event.

All refunds must be requested by emailing refunds at buffsandbrainiacs.com.

Refunds are processed within 30 days. (Usually within 7 business days.) There are times when weather or holidays result in a series of cancelled events. In the event we get backed up, we provide a 30 day window so we can exceed the expectation rather than not meet it.


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Attendance and Refund Policy

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