$15 - Please prepay here: https://yourmeetup.ticketleap.com/online-speeddating---ages-35-47/

Boston, DC, Philly & NYC Singles will be participating.


Please note - this is not a dating event. There will likely be more women than men participating. (70/30 average ratio women to men.) This is meant to be a fun way to get to know other people and learn things about yourself and others.

Zoom provides attendees the ability to private message other attendees should you wish to stay in touch.

There will be attendees from NYC, DC, Philly & Boston participating in this event.

This event is structured so you'll learn interesting facts about other members while playing a party game for adults. (All questions will be vetted first to ensure they do not evoke volatile conversation or discomfort.)


Receive the log in URL via text an hour before the event via email and text.

Check in to our private Zoom room and get your virtual nametag.

Chit chat with other guests while we wait for everyone to arrive

Once the group is complete, the questions will begin. Your host will ask 3-5 (depending on group size) questions using Table Topics Cocktail Party, What Would You Do & Dinner Party Editions.

For certain rounds, we will vote on the best answer and the winner will be awarded a virtual gift card worth $25. Up to 4 gift cards awarded.

Sample Questions:

What fictional or historical figure would you invite to a dinner party and why?

What adjective do you hope best describes you when you're 75?

What's your most prized posession or family heirloom?



Jun 26 🎲Table Topics - Tell Stories, Share Memories, Wine Gift Cards