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After ten years of coaching and supporting single men and women across the globe, I started to face the very harsh truth about myself: I'd never fully examined how my trauma had affected my ability to form healthy attachments. It was that realization that led me to spend a year training to become a certified Dating & Trauma Recovery Coach. Over the course of those months, not only did I finally figure out how and why I was getting in my own way, but how to help other women do the same.

This group discussion is for you if you're strong, fierce and resilient but tired of bullshit. You're over the last minute cancellations. You're done with the mixed messages and push/pull antics and people with no conscience.

This is not a structured workshop. It is a moderated group discussion.

Things we'll discuss:
• How to identify experiences from your past that may have shaped your belief-system and gotten in the way of you emotional development or wellness. (ie childhood neglect or abuse, divorce, partner betrayal, loss of a partner, etc.)

• How our attachment style plays a part in the partners we choose

• Repetition compulsion and why we might date the same person over and over.

• Signs someone is unavailable or being deceptive and how to or if you should confront them

With ten years of coaching and dispensing dating advice under my belt, dating is my wheelhouse. I've worked with singles ages 25-65 from all across the globe. Learn more about me here https://www.christanmarashio.com/

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Apr 2🤷‍♀Unavailable People: Why We Date Them & How To Stop - O

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