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This event is for anybody who reads a dating profile, sees that the person doesn't like dogs, and immediately swipes left. What kind of monster doesn't like dogs??

If you're single and are a Pooch Mom or Dad, you know dating can be tricky. Your schedule revolves around their schedule. Dates have to be planned at a certain time and can't run too late. Why not pair up with someone who makes their pup a priority just like you do?

Join us at 7pm for check-in and appetizers. At 7:30, you'll be seated and will met other dog owner's of the opposite sex for three to five minutes each.

Turn in your dating cards at the end of the event and we'll email you with your mutual match first name and contact email within 24-36 hours.

*Just purchase your ticket here:
*Check in at event.
*Have around 7-9 speed rounds. We average about 7 speed rounds per niche event.
*Within 24 hrs, you'll receive an email with the first name and email of your mutual matches. We do not give out names or contact info unless there is a mutual match

*Refunds only available if events are canceled. Refunds processed within 30 days.
*Event should last about 2hrs from check in to end of final speed round
*First 20-30 minutes are for check-in
*Expect about 15-20 people. Cash bar. Menu available if you wish to order food.
*Members are welcome to mingle at the bar after the event.
*The venue has given us a private section of their lounge. As such, spots are limited. Please try to patronize the bar. There are no drink minimums required, but we do like to show appreciation to the venue for giving us space.
*Please note: prepayment required to monitor gender ratio.

Mar 13💋 Dog Owners ( And Lovers) Speeddating Ages 27-45

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