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$18 - Please prepay here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/twisted-trivia-fun-online-trivia-night-tickets-107630244960?aff=bb

We get it, you're all cooped up at home but don't let the coronavirus stop you from having some fun! Grab a cocktail or your favorite snacks because we're bringing a fun trivia party directly to your home!


Once you sign up, you'll be given a link to join a party of other people via video. All you need is a laptop, phone or tablet to take part in the event. You'll enjoy an evening of fun trivia. We balance the questions making sure there are plenty of different topics and difficulty levels so everyone will have a great time! Our friendly host will be with you live via video on Zoom orchestrating the most fun trivia event you've ever been to!

* If you come on your own you'll be put on a team with others who have also come on their own. If you sign up along with friends we'll be sure to put you and your friends on the same team.

* You'll work together with your team to answer great trivia questions in all of your favorite categories like pop culture, history, entertainment (music, movies & TV), arts & literature, science and more. The winning team gets a prize!

* Here's the fun twist! We have several unique rounds of trivia which keeps it really fun and exciting. Some rounds are like traditional trivia nights (simply answering trivia questions), other rounds are totally unique and change at each event. Sometimes we may show you a series of photos and ask you trivia questions about the photos, other times we play games like "Reverse Family Feud" where you'd have to guess the least popular answers to our question (it's soooo much fun!), or sometimes we'll play a fun "Find The Common Link" game where you'll have to answer some questions and figure out the common link between all the answers like this:

Question #1: A Tomato Based Dip

Question #2: A High Stakes Scenario Might Be Described As Make-Or-What?

Questions #3: The 2005 Film About Johnny Cash Is "Walk The _________"?

Question #4: What German-Austrian Actor's Breakout Role Came In Quentin Tarantino's Film Inglourious Basterds?

Answers: #1: Salsa #2: Break #3: Line #4: Cristoph Waltz

You and your team would have to first answer the questions and then figure out that the common link between the answers is "Dance".





Jul 10 - Twisted Trivia Online Game

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    All registrations are final. Refunds processed only if an event is cancelled. For weather-related cancellations, a credit towards an event of equal or lesser value will be provided. Refunds processed within 30m days. See our FAQ for more info.