The Best Dating Sites & Apps For Singles Over 40

I have a question: In your opinion, what are the best online dating sites for 50+?  Or even 60+? I was on and it was overrun with scammers and spammers.  And a few crazoids, as well.  Six dates in six months and the last one weighed close to 400 pounds and talked with his mouth full.  It was like having dinner with Jabba the Hut. I am beginning to fear that the only ones left are the broken toys.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks. I can't answer this question without acknowledging how unkind it is to ridicule someone for their weight. Let's be better than that. I understand how frustrating online dating can be, but if it gets to the point where you're making f

How To Succeed At Online Dating

After spending the weekend swiping through Tik Tok and listening to people complain about their bad dates, I started compiling a list of very obvious mistakes they were making that led to the aforementioned bad date. Let's get started. Be patient- Something to remember is that, while chatting with you, there's a very high likelihood your match is also talking to someone else. By all means, enjoy the getting to know you process and feel hopeful. However, if you find yourself getting irritated because they don't intuitively know the right thing to say, remind yourself this person is essentially a stranger and that it's impossible for them to know you well enough to predict your reactions. Don'

Oct 2 - Free Online Dating Advice Discussion With A Certified Online Dating Coach - All Ages

Join us Friday, Oct 2 for our bi-weekly Free Online Dating Advice Zoom Session. Discussion starts at 6:30pm Eastern and last until about 8pm. RSVP REQUIRED HERE: SUBSCRIBE TO MAILING LIST FOR DISCOUNT CODE TO EVENTS: READ OUR DATING ADVICE BLOG This open forum-style discussion is for singles of all ages, gender identities and orientations. We talk about dating apps, online dating, how to write dating bios and profiles, ghosting, flaking and everything in-between. Show up with all your questions and I'll answer th

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