Podcast - Smug Couples, Awkward Break-Ups & Answers For That "Why Are You Single?" Question

A reader asks what she should do about being uninvited to events because she's single. Sarah and I also parse an essay by a man weirdly proud of being dumped for no reason. Also listen in as we advise a PhD candidate on whether she should prioritize her education or dating. PLUS! We have the PERFECT response for the age old question "Why are you single?" She Ended Things After the Second Date and Gave me a Rundown of What Went Wrong https://psiloveyou.xyz/she-ended-things-after-the-second-date-and-gave-me-a-rundown-of-what-went-wrong-f6235e8757b4

Never Do This With Your Bumble Match

There I was, innocently sipping my iced coffee, my gorgeous pitt bull snoring at my feet, when I saw this headline. She Ended Things After the Second Date and Gave me a Rundown of What Went Wrong After the second date, we left on an odd note, and we took some time to reflect and when we spoke again, we decided that we shouldn’t continue dating. It was pretty mutual, but I don’t feel the need to cover up the fact that it was her idea. “Do you really want to know why?” she asked me. “Some guys beg me to tell them, then they call me a c**t.” I told her I definitely wouldn’t do that, and that I appreciated the opportunity to learn. She laid out for me exactly what turned her off about the

How To Match With People You Find Attractive

Why is it that men on my dating sites (Elite and Match) who look non professional and have none of my interests the only ones who pick me? and the men I reach out to never respond to me? Those guys look like they should be on Post Office wall as the serial killers. Truly. Please keep in mind is that what you're experiencing is not unique to you. On the contrary, it's a universal hurdle many single online dating users face. When I ask profile review clients what their experience has been with their dating profile, the responses - almost across the board - resemble yours. This happens for two reasons: We all overestimate our dating league when dating online Online daters tend to pursue users

Podcast - Dating Leagues, Tinder Narcissists & Friends With Benefits

This one's about figuring out your dating league and when to shoot out of it. We also talk about the dangers of dating a narcissist. FOLLOW US ON IG @thechristanm @1sarahg @womenologypod Is it a bad idea to continue to sleep with someone (36m) who indicated he’s not looking for a relationship? https://www.reddit.com/r/datingoverthirty/comments/inpi8k/bad_idea_to_continue_to_sleep_with_someone_36m/ Having a hard time finding a friends with benefits with a man I'm really attracted to https://www.reddit.com/r/datingoverthirty/comments/inv26q/having_a_hard_time_finding_a_friends_with/

When Do You Tell Them You're Looking For Something Serious?

How soon should you mention that you are looking for something serious leading to marriage without sounding like you want to rush things but also to avoid wasting your time if that's not something they are looking for in the future? I think the first bridge that needs to be crossed is determining if you actually like someone enough to date them exclusively. We're so fixated on not being led on or being used that we don't focus on what's in front of us. This is one reason why so many people end up in bad or toxic relationships. We miss the red flags because our attention is diverted elsewhere. I understand the desire to optimize your time, but gauging true or even potential compatibility req

Is It Sexist To Expect Men To Pay For Dates?

Why is it that the vast majority of women still do not offer to pickup their share of the cost a date night out? Is that not sexism? First, let's define "vast majority." I don't agree that the "vast majority" of women expect men to pay for dates. In my opinion, this is a generational expectation. I hear more and more Gen Z women claim that they have no issues paying their fair share of a tab on a date. The more accurate perception is that the vast majority of women you date place this expectation on men. It's important not to apply a broad generalization across an entire gender. Societal expectations (like a man should pay on a first date) are antiquated and have no place is today's society

The Stigma Of Being Over 40 & Never Married

Hi there. As I get older, I am becoming more insecure in the dating scene. I'd like to have a family one day, but men seem to think that women over 30 have an expiration date. While they are interested in me at first, the age thing comes up and I think they realize they would like someone younger. I, too, in a way, would prefer someone around my age or 2-3 years younger. However, I keep getting interest from older men that fall out of my age range. Any advice on how to stop feeling guilty for my age and not being married with children yet?? Thanks. P. - 40 yrs old. Stay with me here, because I have a question. Men: Why? What are you for, sirs? I'm only half-joking. Obviously, we

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