Why People Lie In Their Dating Profiles

More from Reddit. Just joined Hinge a few weeks ago. This is the first guy who actually seems to want to take me on an actual date and not just a booty call. On the app he says he’s 46 (and I’m 44). Other than that the only thing I know is his first name and the GENRE of work he does. Don’t even have his phone number yet so I can’t do a reverse search. But anyone who actually knows me knows I’m a digger. 🕵🏼‍♀️ I will scour the internet and I will find out your shit. Sure enough I find this man on Wikipedia 😂 and HE IS 59! I’m equally crying and laughing. Of course I considered cancelling but I thought well he’ll at least be interesting to talk to and I’ll get to enjoy some tacos

Why Do So Many Women Settle For Friends With Benefits?

Here's an interesting Reddit post I thought would make for a good discussion. I read this subreddit regularly and a large percent of the female posts are about their "FWBs" and asking how they can turn them into relationships or about what to do if they're getting feelings. We live in an era where most men are struggling to get a serious match or like online. COVID has destroyed any real life opportunities. Even before COVID studies were showing 1/3 young men in America are now celibate. The most common experience for most men online is zero dates at all or maybe 1-3 per year. I struggle to get any matches/likes/conversations at all. The notion that I would have the capacity to jus

Are You An Online Dating Snob?

I just finished reading your post about phrases to remove from your dating profile. You tell people to remove comments about preferring someone fit, but what if fitness is important to you? I'm very active (cycling, pilates, some cross-fit training) and would prefer to date someone who participated in those activities so we could do them together. Why shouldn't I say that in my profile? Isn't that the point of writing the thing in the first place? - Alana As I mentioned in the post you referred to you in your question, descriptors like "fit" and "active" are usually code for "thin" and "young." Additionally, those adjective are subjective. What is considered fit can differ from person to per

Why Did She Dump Him After Sex?

After two weeks of texting and three dates, a woman I met on Tinder said she wasn't feeling it and wanted us to be friends. (We were intimate on the third date, so needless to say I was surprised.) I assumed her offer of friendship was her way of letting me down easy. A week later I got a text from her asking if I wanted to meet for coffee and a social distance walk. I told her I couldn't make it because of previous plans. She suggested another day but I haven't responded to her text. What do you make of this? While I can understand enjoying someone's company enough to want to stay in touch, I think distance is needed before you can properly embark on a platonic friendship. A person can't ju

Always Swipe Left On These Profiles

Hi, I enjoyed most of your article about the signs that indicate “The #1 sign they’re only looking for sex!” The part I disagree with is about requesting pictures. You mention about how some people only put minimal effort in creating a profile bc they’re looking for sex. I assume you mean men because what I’ve noticed is that very attractive women will sometimes put very little effort in profiles because they think a selfie or two of their gorgeous self should be enough to attract a pool of men they can pick from. Usually I will mention the lack of photos and make a joke about their ex stealing their laptop or camera with all the pics on it. But I’m not looking for naked pics I’m lo

The #1 Sign They're Just Looking For Sex

In my dating profile I say I'm looking for a long-term relationship but I still get emails from guys only looking to hook-up. How do I stop this from happening? Unfortunately, there really isn't a way to prevent the casual hook-up guys from messaging or matching with you. The people that read bios completely are usually the same people that write complete profiles. There's a direct correlation between how much effort one invests when creating their dating profile and how much effort that same person invests in getting to know their matches. A user who's looking for a relationship will take the time to write a thoughtful bio, upload more than two selfies they took at the gym, and fill out the

Are You Someone's Dirty Little Secret?

An article in Refinery29 UK covers the latest dating phenomenon - stashing. If you're like me, you just stopped and asked yourself, "What does stashing mean?"The term, coined by Ellen Scott in 2017, is one of many cutesy made up words that writers hope will take-off and become the new ghosting. Here's Refinery29 UK's definition: “Stashing” is what you call it when you date someone who’s happy to spend time with you one-on-one — but they never introduce you to their friends or family. More often than not, their social media profiles don’t show any evidence that you exist. Used in a sentence, you’d tell your friend, “It’s been two months and I haven’t met a single one of his friends yet. I t

Awkward First Dates & Dating Younger Men

Why do people have to ruin a perfectly good Zoom date by being creepy? Get tips on how to navigate those awkward on and offline date moments. Also listen in as we discuss older women/younger men relationships and why so many women take to the internet with their stories. Submit a question here If you found this helpful, support my work by contributing to my tip jar. Tips of $10 or more receive 2 E-guides: How To Write The Best Damn Dating Profile Ever & Avoid Flakes, Fakes & Scammers Buy my How To Write The Best Dating Profile Ever E-Guide https://www.ko-fi.com/s/cebfc0c135

Tips To Stalker-Proof Your Dating Profile

A woman recently posted this harrowing story about being stalked by a Tinder match. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1606374349543181&id=100005118948951 An abbreviated version: a hair-stylist matched with a man on Tinder. They chatted, he asked where she worked, she explicitly tells him she doesn't like to give out that information. The conversation fizzles and she ghosts him. Apparently, he figured out where she worked by Googling all the hair salons in her area. Some time in the near future, he shows up at her job. His justification? "She left me on read." Okay. Let's unpack this. First, I hate that so many apps use a GPS locator when searching for matches. Women shouldn't

Anger, Emotional Affairs & Arm Penises

We're talking about emotional affairs, why women feel guilty about getting angry, a man who can't stop playing with his arm-penis and whether or not open relationships are just an excuse to let one person cheat. We also delve into the Ellen mess and who we think will be taken down next. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @womenologypod @thechristanm @1sarahg I'M TIRED OF EXPLAINING MY FRIENDSHIPS WITH MEN medium.com/liberty-76/why-im-t…th-men-7d2758803ff3 NAVIGATING MY COMPLICATED FRIENDSHIPS WITH MEN psiloveyou.xyz/navigating-my-com…9?gi=18b066789aff HOW I FOUND MYSELF IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EMOTIONAL AFFAIR medium.com/candour/how-i-found…affair-eaab4e92ff22 MY HUSBAND WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH HIS FEMAL

Let's Talk Awkward Zoom Dates

Question: Matched with a guy on Hinge. We set up a time to chat on Zoom. Not five minutes after he shows up than he starts to get inappropriate. In my profile I say I'm a yoga teacher. He made a joke about how flexible I must be. I've heard this before so I ignored his comment. I changed the subject to ask about a trip he mentioned in his profile. The conversation took a turn for the better until he asked if I liked tantric sex. I said I didn't have any experience with it. (A lie. My ex and I had tantric sex from time to time but I wasn't going to tell him that.) What do you do in a situation like that? If we'd been on the app I would have unmatched him. People who make sexual comments or us

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