Dateology - Safe Sex In 2020

Safe sex takes on a whole new meaning in 2020. Is there any point to dating during the pandemic? What about sex? Should singles fly solo until 2021? Take a listen. Want to see my dogs? Sex & The City: COVID Edition Ready To Social Distance Date? Add This To Your Dating Profile ASAP If you found this helpful, support my work by contributing to my tip jar. Tips of $10 or more receive 2 E-guides: How To Write The Best Damn Dating Profile Ever & Avoid Flakes, Fakes & Scammers Buy my How To Write Th

Ready To Social Distance Date? Update Your Dating Profile

I have been chatting with this guy on for awhile now and he does not want to meet in person till after the pandemic is over! This could be next year sometime!! I don't think i can chat online that long without seeing him in person. I think he is over reacting as i told him that we can both wear masks and not touch. Also he goes to work everyday and runs errands too. So its not like he is just totally isolated. What should i do? While I wholeheartedly agree with your logic, I do think some people are performing the bare minimum tasks, like running errands, and then otherwise staying home. And that's okay! What's not okay is actively swiping and messaging on a dating app or onl

Sex And The City: COVID Edition

Hi Christan, You may remember me from a few months back. I was on one of your dating profile workshops and then participated on a speed dating event afterwards. I've been listening to the Womenology podcast since then and learned a few things. Thank you for all the advice you do put out there. It's helpful. Here is my question: Since the workshop, I put together my dating profile on Bumble. Not great based on the workshop but I got something out there to start and it did attract a few women and matches. Some of those we texted through the app, a few I was able to take off the app and texted beyond, furthermore a couple of them turned into phone calls and I've had a few IRL d

How Do You Find A Relationship If You've Never Had One?

I'm at the risk of becoming a 40-Year Old Virgin in a few years. My dating history is non-existant, and even in date settings I have issues with intimacy. I'm scared of the potential for pain in sex, and that is something that will be off the table for me if a relationship were to start. For my age group, I know its pretty much common for men to have experience, and I'm going to want to take it slow given my lack of experience. What's the best way to approach this, and is this something I should have on my dating profile? First, please know that sex is merely an act, something people perform for a variety of reasons. It's doesn't define us or what constitutes a relationship. Plenty of

Are Dating Apps Racist?

Hello, I live in New York. I am Muslim and pretty much I’m open to having a relationship with anyone from any culture and religion. But I have been told that Caucasian American women only date American men. Is that true? Isn’t that discrimination? I’m sincere and respectful towards women but I have noticed that Caucasian women are too Judgmental and I don’t think that's fair. Even my co-worker from work who’s African-American told me that American women will only date Caucasian men. I have also been on dating site such as, Bumble,, plenty of but didn’t have any luck. What’s your take on all this I think it's important not to paint with such a broad brush

Signs Your Date Is Going To Ghost

It's happened to all of us. We make a match, we message, we make plans. Then...nothing. We learn they've unmatched us on Tinder or blocked us on Bumble. However they made it known they weren't interested, it stings, for sure. From @alittlenudge To fill in some of the blanks: they matched, messaged for about a week, and had a video-chat. He asks her if she's available Sunday. Here's where things go south. She replies and says her Sunday is pretty booked but that she's available around 11am. Why This Might Not Work Regardless of whether it's an off or online date, 11am on a Sunday is pretty early. Further complicating things is that she alludes to Sunday being a busy day for her. So, not only

How To Love Online Dating Again

I've been doing online dating on and off for about 3 years now, with NO success! My question is, how do you deal with online dating fatigue without rage quitting the whole thing? The first thing to know is that success is subjective. To me, online dating success is not quitting even though you want to throw your phone at the wall. It's not you. Online dating is hard. While technology has made our lives so much easier in many ways, it has profoundly crippled people's ability to maintain connections. Making them is easy. Too easy. That's the problem. There's all these ways to meet people, but there's nothing out there that teaches people how to keep someone engaged. The model behind most dat

Is Dating Easier If You're Thin & Hot?

I really enjoy your website and your straightforward advice on dating. I’ve read so many of your readers unfortunate experiences when it comes to dating and relationships. People ghosting, not responding, among other things. Although these experiences happen to both men and women, I want to focus my attention on the women, since I am one. I’ve read an OP’s anguish over a man she was seeing for a few weeks only for him to disappear and never to be heard from ever again. Many of us mere mortals have experienced such things. However, I want your take – just because you are very honest and don’t hesitate to tell it like it is, regardless of how hurtful it may be.  Do you feel that if tho

Fuck That Guy: Unsolved Mysteries Edition

Put on your tin foil hat and pull up a chair. We're talking the mysterious death of Rey Rivera. His body plunged through the roof of a Baltimore hotel. Did he jump or was he pushed? Sarah and I also talk about easy it is for white men to ask for money for essentially doing nothing. Plus...random texts from ex-boyfriends. For why? If you found this helpful, support my work by contributing to my tip jar. Tips of $7 or more receive 2 E-guides: How To Write The Best Damn Dating Profile Ever & Avoid Flakes, Fakes & Scammers Buy my How To Write The Best Dating Profile Ever E-Guide - $5 Buy my Avoid Flakes, Fakes & Scammers E-Guide - $5

How To Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

What tips can you give to make our profiles stand out? In a world where people are swiping faster than they're brain can process an image, the primary goal of your dating profile is to make people stop swiping. You want them to literally cease swiping right and swiping left when they see your face on their phone screen. How do you do that? PHOTOS 1. Post a primary photo that is well-lit, clear and takes up the entirety of the frame. (See below.) 2. Post a picture with either an eye-catching backdrop or or where you're wearing a bright color. 3. Choose a primary photo that makes YOU catch your breath. 4. DO NOT post a primary picture of you with other people. Real talk: if you're not the hott

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