Including Disclaimers & Deal Breakers In Dating Profiles

Here's my question: I really don't want to date someone with children, and I'm not sure if I should say that in my profile (also, I'm not on OKC or, where there's a box you that you can check for that). I haven't ever wanted children of my own, but I previously thought I would be okay with dating someone who had children from a previous marriage - that is, until I tried to do that and found that it just didn't work for me. Now, I just don't want any part of it. I'm very well aware that because of my age (late 30s), introducing this restriction is cutting out a huge, huge segment of people that are available to date me. But I'm ok with that. Based on the experiences I've had

How Do You Date When You Don't Know What You Want?

I met a guy through online speed dating and we were a match. He emailed me and asked if we could speak on the phone. During our conversation he asked what I was looking for and I told him I was looking for a relationship, he said he was looking for friendship or maybe a relationship. He didn’t seem to want to meet in person and was kind of nervous on the phone. Is there any hope here? - Sue, Boston, 43 When someone you match with through a singles event, speed dating event or dating app asks what you're looking for, that's usually code for, "I'm not looking for anything serious or long-term." They're posing that question so that you will respond in kind. That's how they initiate that co

How To Get More Messages On Dating Apps

So many of these people seem to say the same things. What should I look for to find someone who is more authentic/honest? Also, I tend to be inundated with intros, is there anyway to cut down on the guys who only look at my pic? Is there some way to filter by creating a less attractive pic? Advice? I'm not sure you can filter out people who only look at your pictures. You have to remember that dating apps condition users to look at the photos first, swipe and then read the bio. Many people are only reading bios after there's been a match. It's totally counter-intuitive, but it is what it is. Changing the photo won't do any good. If they're emailing you cut and paste style intro messages,

The Uncomfortable Truth Many Singles Don't Want To Hear

Ok Cupid says I have over 700 likes. Yet, none seem to have a paid membership where they can send me a message. They do send me profiles of people that aren't of any interest to me. For example : guys, bi-sexual women, women open to hookups, women living in other states,etc.. Do they really think I'm going to opt for a paid membership. Ok Cupid has really gone down hill fast since Match was allowed to purchase it. When the 3 young men owned it, I met women. Talked to women. Went out on dates. All for free. Match is the worst thing to ever happen to on line dating. Greed and trickery should be their slogan. Let's first address the obvious: OKCupid is a business. People start businesses

Romance Scammer Red Flags You Might Be Missing

When Patrick* messaged me mere minutes after I liked one of his photos, I knew something was off. It’s never been that easy. Usually, it took at least an hour or two for a guy to see the notification. Three minutes? And from a guy who is conventionally attractive? Nope. My Spidey Senses tingling, we exchanged a couple of messages and I inquired if he lived in Manhattan. He said yes. “What part?” I asked. “I’m on the Upper East Side.” “I told you. I live in Manhattan.” Block. Report. Someone who lived in Manhattan would have known how to correctly answer that question. Upper West Side? Chelsea? Tribeca? This guy didn’t know the commonly referred to sections of the city or that they even exist

The Mean Girl Myth

What color crayon is your heart? We ask ourselves that as we delve into the intra-gender bullying and the Mean Girl Myth. Speaking of myths, we also discuss the 3 Date Rule and whether it still exists. We also cover why Facebook engagement announcements are the worst. WHEN MEAN GIRLS BECOME MEAN WOMEN…refully-db62962c79c WHAT TO DO IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH GIRL FRIENDS…ndship-dfe7c3af350b WILL SOMEONE STOP GAWKING AT C*ROLINE CA**OWAY LONG ENOUGH TO HELP HER?…lp-her-6e0764458fc1 MY HUSBAND WON'T PICK UP MY TOE NAIL CLIPPINGS…lippings-coffee.html

Why Isn't He Making Any Effort?

I'm in my mid 50's and last year my husband left me for another woman after 13 years together. It was a terrible shock as I had no warning and didn't know he'd been having an affair. I had to leave the country we were living in and return to my home country. I've been back for 8 months and am feeling much better. I've reconnected with some old friends and I'm over the worst of the grief. I will be getting divorced this year. We are in lockdown here but people still exercise outdoors. Two weeks ago I was walking through a park that's attached to a beach, when I saw a man sitting on a brick fence looking out at the ocean. I recognised him as someone I had known years ago, when he and

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