Do Men Still Expect Women To Have Sex By The Third Date?

In the (barely) over 50 dating category, are women still "expected" to have sex with the guy on/following the 3rd date or the 3rd week for that matter? To be honest, I have no idea where the whole Third Date Rule came from or who invented it. Three is an arbitrary number with no real significance. What's more important, I think, is that it's clear after the first few dates that the interest (and attraction) is mutual. Sex is not the only way to convey interest. Physical intimacy is important as it's what delineates between platonic and romantic relationships. So it's vital to display some level of physicality as you get to know someone. That could include anything from a light touch on th

Write Messages That Get You Dates

I mention a lot of things in my Tinder profile. I mention my work in trauma recovery; my dog walking, my love of yoga and wine. I even close with a fun-fact - that I love psychology podcasts - to give matches a jumping off point for their first message. Yet, despite all the prompts I provided for him, he chose to comment on my looks. Here's why this is not the way to approach someone on a dating app: 1. It's dismissive of my interests and accomplishments. 2. It's socially inappropriate. 3. It's dehumanizing, as it doesn't address anything internal, only external. Brian Howie, creator of The Great Love Debate, disagreed with my stance when I posted this response to my Facebook page. While man

Dating Profile Snobbery

This week on our podcast's bonus episode, we talk about the importance some people place on education level and travel experience when selecting a match. We also discuss the sneaky way scammers get women to give them their phone number. Become a Patron and get access to the episode.

How Long Are Men Expected To Pay For Dates?

When dating, how many dates should the man offer to pay for all the dates. When is it okay to go Dutch? I want to say that things should be split 50/50 from the first date on wards. That's how things should be. Unfortunately, many women in my age bracket (40+) are struggling with this idea. I believe many younger women have become more accustomed to splitting everything right out of the gate. That said, the reality is that it's impossible to tell for sure which of those women are sitting across from you on that date. It's an unfortunate truth that many women will judge a man negatively if he does not pay for everything for the first few dates. At the very least, if he doesn't pay for the fi

Are Dating Apps Full of Men Just Looking For Sex?

Hi, prior to the virus pandemic I explored online dating without success. I have encountered that the quality of men on these sites is very poor and almost all of these men use online dating sites for hookups. This is really disappointing and such a turn off. I do not feel optimistic about finding a good, respectful, successful, intelligent, loving, affectionate family man in my near future. Okay. I feel like this is one of those myths that's been repeated so many times it's widely considered fact, despite there being no data to back it up. Even on its face, the belief that there are no men on dating sites or apps like Tinder of Hinge looking for a relationship doesn't make sense

How COVID-19 Is Changing How We Date

With a light flickering oh-so dimly up ahead signaling the end to our days in isolation, a new question is emerging: Will dating — specifically how we get dates — be the same? As someone who runs a singles events business and works as a dating coach, my answer is no. Things will not be the same. We are entering into a new normal as far as how singles search for and find love. Trauma and triggers It’s important for people — all people — to recognize how traumatic this experience has been for many of us. The financial, emotional, mental and physical toll this scare has taken will last for some time. As someone with chronic depression, isolation has always been one of my biggest triggers. I ima

Should She Start Dating If She's Not Divorced Yet?

How to begin doing online dating when you are separated. Relationship with soon to be ex is still friendly & supportive. Difficulty in having privacy. If you meet someone & in the flow of becoming acquainted you share FB info then they have info on your life & who you may have seen or hung out with recently. For example, someone I already have on FB is now interested. How do I handle things if I decide to go out & share pictures of my outings if I’m hanging out with others? I think the first thing you need to do is be upfront about your situation. For many, dating someone separated is considered inappropriate. To them, separated means still married. What matters, though, is what it me

The Downside of Dating Single Parents

I'm a single mom of a teen daughter. I'm really enjoying this time with her - our communication is admirable, we honor one another's personal space, and set boundaries, respectively. I like who I am! I love how far I've come; lots of growth and self-awareness due to the support of recovery. I'm hesitant to date anyone with small children (to be more specific, under 18 yrs) including men with grandchildren. As a woman turning 50, I've gone through the stages of infancy to middle school and all the emotions in between. I've dated single dads - divorced, widowed, etc. - whose profiles were accentuated with the common phrase 'their children come first' and found they weren't fully pr

Dating Profile/Photo/Bio Writing & Review Online Workshop

MONDAY, APR 13 - 7PM $20 - Admission includes online discussion and e-guides about Mastering Dating Apps & Identifying Red Flags and Scammers Register Here - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUBSCRIBE TO MAILING LIST FOR DISCOUNT CODE TO EVENTS: CO-SPONSORED BY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***This is a 45 minute online workshop you can attend from home. ALSO INCLUDED: If you wish, we'll also review your current bio and profile and give feedback. Ever wonder what potential matche

Is He A Flake or A Scammer?

I've had a lot of bad online dating experiences and I'd be grateful for a perspective specific to them. I am a little picky about who I talk to online as I want to know the person has seen something they like about me specifically and aren't just trying to get a date with any old woman. However, these few conversations start out well, the guy mentions meeting and then they disappear and I don't know why. Most recently I match with a guy on Hinge (which is rare). He sent me a message almost instantly and I was pretty damn pleased! After a couple of messages he said he had to dash but gave me his email address so I said I'd respond to him via email then. I didn't understand this reque

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