How Does He Tell Her He Doesn't Want To Get Married?

I don't see so many postings here from men, but here goes. I've been dating my current girlfriend for six months now. Next month, we are going on our first vacation together - 3 weeks to Costa Rica. The thing is, I'm starting to get worried she's thinking I'm going to propose. We're both in our late 30s. Mostly settled financially. And, as you've seen often here, the pressure is on. Last week was her birthday, and I joined her and her family for dinner, during which her dad proposed a toast to our future, then posed together for joint photos (which made me a bit uncomfortable). She always brings up little things about the future like where she wants to live and if I'd be willing to move t

Podcast Men With Madonna/Dinner Whore Complex

Ugh. First up, we talk about how one vindictive man tried to ruin the life of a female professor by falsely accusing her of sexual misconduct. Then we parse a letter from Kevin, who's convinced all women that don't have sex with him are dinner whores. We close with a story about a man who broke-up with his girlfriend then tried to reboot the relationship, but without all that commitment and exclusivity stuff. The Accusations Were Lies. But Could We Prove It?…-accusations.html MAR 27 - DATING ADVICE ONLINE ROUNDTABLE We'll be talking dating apps, ghosting, breadcrumbing, red flags, writing bios, who pays for dates and pretty much anything else

Beware The Relationship Re-Booter

Elizabeth asks: My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me about a month ago and his reasons were... questionable. I mean, they made no sense. He was making up things and just, they weren't actual reasons. I don't know how else to explain without writing a 10 page paper. Anyways, the break up was not a clean one. It was a BAD one. Really messy... not good. Left me heartbroken. Kept telling myself its over for good, hes out of your life, move on, don't contact him, etc. Unfortunately, I am not a smart women when it comes to break-ups, nor am I a strong one either. I caved a lil over a week later and emailed him (assuming my # is probably blocked) and he responded with just a one senten

Why Do Women Sleep With Other Men But Not Him?

Kevin asks: I have met 40-year-old women who are tentative about kissing after dinner or drinks at my place on the second or third (!) date.  They worry that passionate kissing might encourage sex.  They admit to previously sleeping with guys on first dates, but "are not like that anymore". I figure they are not very attracted to me, or are just being manipulative dinner whores.  Either way, they are using me.  I have no problems courting an attractive, interested woman longer than three dates.  All my girlfriends at least indicated strong interest by then.  So I cut off these standoffish reformed sluts.  What do you say? A similar sentiment applies to first dates from the intern

Podcast - Breakups, Sex Talk & Why Men Are Splitting The Check

In this episode we talk about how social media has made breakups even worse, the way to handle unsolicited dating app sex talk and the new reason men won't pay for dates. Plus, Sarah goes off on the misogyny and racism behind proms. MY EX IS DATING LADY GAGA…ga-boyfriend.html HOW TO STOP CREEPY DATING APP SEX TALK…g-app-sex-talk A MOM FIGHTS FOR HER DAUGHTER'S RIGHT TO SAY NO…school-dance/

A Case For Ghosting

Let's first address the obvious: is it possible he just happened to start dating someone at the exact same time as we matched? YES. That's how fast the process movjhu,es these days. That's why I always advise people to respond to their messages and send messages in a timely fashion. From my experience, I've noticed that people are very quick to unmatch if they don't receive a response. The quickest was less than 24 hours. Here's why I would have preferred he just ghosted me: because two days had gone by without hearing back from him. Mentally, I'd already moved on. Popping back up to explain why I hadn't heard from him only reminded me he'd never replied. We hadn't even met yet, so no big de

Beware The First Date Flake

By all accounts, Emma is a catch. She’s funny, kind, and attractive. She works a job she loves and is described by many as a social butterfly. So why do so many of her matches ghost her or cancel dates last minute? “I don’t get it,” she said during one of our Zoom sessions. “What am I doing wrong? Is it me?” First, let me be very clear: no, it’s not her. Or you. Much to the chagrin of single dating app users, the scenario I just described is one they know all too well. This happens to pretty much everyone. The good news is: there are ways to avoid it. Focus on the people that initiate interest After looking through Emma’s text exchanges with her last few matches, something immediatel

How To Stop Creepy Dating App Sex Talk

Maureen asks: I'm beginning to look at dating five years ago as "the heyday of on online dating". Back then, people were mostly actually engaging in polite get-to-know-you messages. How has it become NORMAL to ask a woman her willingness in certain sexual acts in the first few minutes of messaging? Are men watching SO much porn now that they've become desensitized as to how to properly chat up a potential date? Are so few men actually interacting with live male-female IN-person interactions, that they cannot tell the diff?? Or, AND, are men using/seeking satisfaction from dating apps as SUBSTITUTION for dating a living breathing woman in person?? How can we as daters stop this prevalent t

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